Drip, drip, drop

In her latest blog on how marketing and PR can support the sales funnel, Becky Mellor considers the role of lead nurturing; also known as automated marketing or drip marketing. With long lead times in the health tech sector, a good content plan and great execution are key to keeping your leads engaged until they […]

Raising awareness   

If you are a health tech company, how do you raise awareness of your products and services and the benefits and results they can deliver? It’s a key question, says Becky Mellor in the second of our blogs on how PR, marketing and communications can help with sales funnel challenges. There has been a lot […]

Are you delivering the right messages?

Branding and messaging come right at the top of the familiar sales funnel that attracts potential customers and converts them into sales. Yet this is an area in which many healthcare IT companies struggle. Becky Mellor has some tips… Last year, I stopped being the marketing manager for a healthcare IT supplier, and moved over […]

What does the GDPR mean for healthcare IT marketing?

Senior communications manager Rob Benson asks what the General Data Protection Regulation will mean for marketers; and what Highland Marketing is doing to get ready for the GDPR, which comes into force on 25 May. The General Data Protection Regulation will come into force in May, forcing many in the marketing profession to rethink how […]

Do you know that you’re blending in?

Ever noticed how health IT suppliers say the same thing? Highland Marketing’s Becky Mellor says that suppliers need to craft more specific messages if they want to avoid blending in and shares some handy hints and tips. Exhibitors at health IT events are keen to stand out from the crowd; I know as I have seen it […]

Predictions for 2018

What is the coming year likely to hold for NHS and IT? And what will that mean for marketers, companies and trusts working with healthcare technology? Highland Marketing looks ahead. Lyn Whitfield, strategy and content director, on NHS finance and policy in 2018 The NHS received a five-year financial settlement in 2015. The money was […]

It’s budget planning time: don’t panic, focus…

Becky Mellor, senior account manager at Highland Marketing, passes on some practical tips for making the most of a limited marketing budget, without exhausting yourself.   It’s that time of year again – budget planning. For health technology SMEs, marketing resource and spend is likely to be on the lean side and I know, because […]

Internal comms for healthcare tech: creativity is key

The success of major NHS IT projects can depend on the staff who will use new technology as much as on the technology itself. Account executive Dariusz Kasparek has come across some great examples of NHS communication strategies that have generated engagement; and success.  The NHS is gearing up for a period of technological change. […]

Avoiding PR blah: achieving PR hoorah!

Becky Mellor has been a senior account manager at Highland Marketing for six months. That’s put her into contact with a lot of journalists: and given her some valuable insight into what they do – and don’t – want from a press release. Here’s her quick guide to making sure that your release makes it […]

When it comes to the NHS, Google doesn’t have all the answers

Big consumer brands can easily dominate national headlines – even when it comes to healthcare. But is it fair for the media to overlook smaller firms; and how can they get a share of the limelight for their important innovations?  Matthew D’Arcy asks the questions. Headlines can be a frustration for smaller firms. They may […]

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