It’s budget planning time: don’t panic, focus…

Becky Mellor, senior account manager at Highland Marketing, passes on some practical tips for making the most of a limited marketing budget, without exhausting yourself.   It’s that time of year again – budget planning. For health technology SMEs, marketing resource and spend is likely to be on the lean side and I know, because […]

Internal comms for healthcare tech: creativity is key

The success of major NHS IT projects can depend on the staff who will use new technology as much as on the technology itself. Account executive Dariusz Kasparek has come across some great examples of NHS communication strategies that have generated engagement; and success.  The NHS is gearing up for a period of technological change. […]

Avoiding PR blah: achieving PR hoorah!

Becky Mellor has been a senior account manager at Highland Marketing for six months. That’s put her into contact with a lot of journalists: and given her some valuable insight into what they do – and don’t – want from a press release. Here’s her quick guide to making sure that your release makes it […]

When it comes to the NHS, Google doesn’t have all the answers

Big consumer brands can easily dominate national headlines – even when it comes to healthcare. But is it fair for the media to overlook smaller firms; and how can they get a share of the limelight for their important innovations?  Matthew D’Arcy asks the questions. Headlines can be a frustration for smaller firms. They may […]

Seeing the bigger picture: it’s not luck but a sure footed campaign that leads to success.

Selling into the NHS; it’s not about luck, it’s about having the right approach

Mark Venables, chief executive of Highland Marketing, takes issue with commentator Roy Lilley, who argued it’s almost impossible to sell innovation to the NHS. Roy Lilley is a long-term observer of the NHS management scene and runs a very successful daily newsletter under the banner. The newsletter has some links to the day’s healthcare […]

Communication essential to providing better healthcare services

Listening to people is one of the most important aspects of the communication process; acting on what they say is equally essential. This is why we have entered into a partnership with clinically-based health IT consultancy AbedGraham. It’s because we have listened to the market, and understand the importance of embracing clinical views with health […]

The role of media and marketing in spreading innovation in the NHS

Adoption and diffusion of healthcare technology faces many barriers, including the challenge of bringing buyers and innovators together. Raising awareness through more active media engagement can help address this challenge, writes Highland Marketing’s senior account manager Rebecca Mellor. Adoption and diffusion of new healthcare technology faces many barriers, despite the global trend for investment in […]

We need a people-powered ‘digital dynamic’ for digital health

Engaging clinicians and patients in the design and delivery of digital health is essential if we are to create a digital dynamic that enhances the use of the technology in healthcare, says Martin Bell, the former deputy managing director at EMIS Health and director of IM&T at North Bristol NHS Trust. Touring the country and […]

Can Scotland’s NHS avoid a state funeral?

Scotland cannot afford failure for its new Digital Health and Social Care strategy, heard Edinburgh’s Digital Health and Care conference. Matthew D’Arcy was there. The unpopular view was voiced. Does Scotland’s NHS need a state funeral? It was a question from the floor on an otherwise sunny day in Edinburgh at the newly-named Digital Health […]

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