Analysis: May’s £20 billion #NHS70 funding boost

Prime minister Theresa May has promised the NHS a £20 billion birthday present; but is the five-year funding package as generous as it sounds, and what will the money be spent on? Now the think-tanks have had time to get into the detail, Lyn Whitfield assesses reaction. Last weekend, Prime Minister Theresa May took to […]

Will NHS IT look good in LHCRE?

NHS Digital has announced that three areas of the country will become local health and care record exemplars. But what are the so-called LHCREs looking to achieve? Lyn Whitfield explains. Another new acronym? Healthcare IT does like its acronyms, doesn’t it? The latest is local health and care record exemplar or LHCRE, pronounced Lycra. Three […]

Dr Saif Abed talks about WannaCry – one year on

As sunshine illuminated Friday lunchtime on 12 May 2017, reports started to pop up on local news-sites and social media that the NHS was experiencing a cyber-attack. By tea-time, it was clear that it was caught up in the world-wide WannaCry event. The ransomware attack affected 150,000 computers in 150 countries, but in the UK […]

Cry havoc – the NHS cyber attack one year on

The WannaCry ransomware attack was unleashed a year ago. In the UK, it had a particular impact on the NHS, and its lessons and implications have been extensively studied. Lyn Whitfield looks back. Flashback: the WannaCry attack The WannaCry ransomware attack was launched early on 12 May 2017. It locked users out of computers running […]

Scotland’s Digital Health and Care Strategy – revealed

Scotland’s delayed but eagerly anticipated Digital Health and Care Strategy has been published. After the wait, what does it say? Matthew D’Arcy takes a look. Scotland’s new Digital Health and Care Strategy takes some bold steps towards what it describes as “truly national” approach for digital health and care. Its authors were tasked with addressing […]

What could the new Digital Health and Social Care Strategy do for Scotland?

A delayed but eagerly anticipated Digital Health and Care Strategy is expected from the Scottish government in Spring 2018. Matthew D’Arcy asks what it might address. The latest Scottish government plan to develop services around the citizen, integrate health and care, and drive digital innovation is expected in April. The new Digital Health and Social […]

Fine time to secure services and data

In May, the UK will formally adopt two EU initiatives to safeguard essential infrastructure and services and to protect personal data. Highland Marketing outlines the key points of the Network and Information Systems Directive and the General Data Protection Regulation; both of which are likely to have a significant impact on health and care. While […]

HM analysis: Refreshing NHS plans for 2018-19

The NHS planning guidance in England is a key document that sets out the ‘must do’ priorities for the health service in the year ahead. It’s therefore an important piece of background for anybody wanting to do healthcare IT business with commissioners and trusts. Lyn Whitfield looks at this year’s guidance and reaction to it. […]

IT’s the end of the year as we know it

Winter, reform and funding rows dominated healthcare news in 2017; a year that also saw a general election and the start of Brexit negotiations. The big IT news of the year was the WannaCry ransomware attack and the expansion of the global digital exemplar programme. Lyn Whitfield looks back over a year of Highland Marketing […]

Getting over the WannaCry virus

The WannaCry ransomware attack hit the NHS six months ago, but it’s still the main topic of NHS cyber security conversation. Not least because the National Audit Office put out a report just before ehi LIVE 2017 that many speakers felt was neither fair nor helpful. Matthew D’Arcy and Lyn Whitfield report. Like a cold […]

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