IT’s the end of the year as we know it

Winter, reform and funding rows dominated healthcare news in 2017; a year that also saw a general election and the start of Brexit negotiations. The big IT news of the year was the WannaCry ransomware attack and the expansion of the global digital exemplar programme. Lyn Whitfield looks back over a year of Highland Marketing […]

Getting over the WannaCry virus

The WannaCry ransomware attack hit the NHS six months ago, but it’s still the main topic of NHS cyber security conversation. Not least because the National Audit Office put out a report just before ehi LIVE 2017 that many speakers felt was neither fair nor helpful. Matthew D’Arcy and Lyn Whitfield report. Like a cold […]

EHI Live 2017 interview: Dr Neil Paul

Dr Neil Paul, a GP from Sandbach in Cheshire and well-known IT columnist, talks to Informa about the changing face of general practice, what that means for its systems, and why we need a new generation of primary care IT leaders. Dr Neil Paul has worked at Sandbach GPs, a practice based at the Ashfields […]

Global digital exemplars – redefining the healthcare IT market?

Matthew Swindells, NHS England’s director of operations and information, has given an interview in which he indicates that he wants trusts in England to buy most of their IT via the global digital exemplars. Lyn Whitfield, Highland Marketing’s director of strategy and content, looks at the evolution of the GDE programme, and what it might […]

IT innovation: let’s start with the basics

In a new series of columns for Highland Marketing, former clinician, general manager and IT director Jeremy Nettle wants to explore why some trusts are better at innovation than others. As a starting point, he asks why some have such old and insecure IT. During my tenure as an IT director within the NHS, I […]

Next Steps – what it means for the NHS and its IT 

NHS England has published an update on the Five Year Forward View, outlining what it describes as “a series of practical and realistic steps for the NHS”. In this Q&A, Lyn Whitfield, Highland Marketing’s new content and strategy director, explains why the Next Steps document matters, and what it has to say about healthcare IT. […]

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