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DIY broadband: Remote Scottish village now has superfast internet after residents laid their own cables

A remote Scottish community deprived of decent internet connectivity for years is now beginning to enjoy some of the fastest broadband in the UK after villagers launched their own network. Broadband speeds in the Stirlingshire village of Balquhidder are now able to reach 1gbps after residents took it upon themselves to dig the necessary holes […]

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Balquhidder installs own broadband network

Residents of a Stirlingshire village have installed their own 22-mile broadband network. About 200 households and businesses have been connected to the Balquhidder community broadband project. The project has cost about £300,000 with the funding provided by private and public investors, including Stirling Council.

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Coordinate My Care launches online patient portal

An online portal where patients can select their urgent care requirements has been launched across greater London. Coordinate My Care (CMC) is an NHS clinical service that informs GPs, hospitals, ambulance crews, 111 providers, care homes, hospices and out of hours services about a patient’s wishes for urgent and end of life care.

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