HM Interview: Mike Fisher

Mike Fisher has seen his chief clinical information officer role at Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals NHS Trust expand from engaging clinicians in IT projects to helping to plan an EPR deployment, win a global digital exemplar bid, and underpin a new model of health and social care with technology. He talks to Lyn […]

HM Interview: Dr Simon Irving

An interest in helping to develop his trust’s IT led Dr Simon Irving to become one of four chief clinical information officers at Bolton NHS Foundation Trust. He volunteered at the right time he tells Lyn Whitfield; since then the trust has made big strides, and is getting ready to implement an electronic patient record. […]

‘Politicians must invest in eHealth to realise Scotland’s NHS ambitions’ – Robin Wright

Robin Wright is renowned within Scotland’s eHealth community as a technology leader who combines vision with delivery. The former director for health information and technology for NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, Scotland’s largest health board, Wright was an active participant in the country’s drive to leverage digital technology in healthcare. He presided over a range […]

GP CCIO Masood Nazir – at the frontline of digital health

GPs have been at the forefront of digital health for some time, and have much to show the rest of the NHS how it can embrace technology as part of care. EHI Award winner Dr Masood Nazir outlines some of the lessons that primary care can share with the rest of the NHS, as well […]

‘Outcomes’: the most misused term in the NHS?

The NHS has seen a real shift in focus towards outcomes. But do we really know what the term means? Dr Rupert Dunbar-Rees, founder and CEO of Outcomes Based Healthcare, talks to Highland Marketing’s Matthew D’Arcy about disentangling outputs to define outcomes. Look at nearly any NHS strategy or business case and you will almost […]

‘Scotland’s NHS can’t be insular – we must reach out’ 

Scotland’s eHealth chief is on a mission to reach beyond just the NHS. Everyone, from care workers to local authorities and citizens, must be better engaged to make the most of digital technology, Eddie Turnbull tells Highland Marketing’s Matthew D’Arcy. Bob Hoskins once played a plumber famous for going far beyond the traditional job description. […]

Can healthcare events save the day?

Formerly of NHS Confederation and Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, Alexander Rushton knows a thing or two about the value of events in healthcare. He has been part the NHS Confederation’s annual conference and exhibition team, organised the Mental Health Network’s annual conference and exhibition and most recently worked with the Scottish Government and World […]

The last developed country to get a digital health record

Richard Corbridge is on a mission to engage thousands of clinicians to use technology for better patient care. Ireland’s CIO at the Health Service Executive tells Highland Marketing that whilst genomics and robotics are moving ahead with excitement, the country is also working hard to get the basics done. Type ‘Richard Corbridge’ into Google and […]

Reasons to be cheerful: Andy Kinnear on UK digital health

Shared care record pioneer Andy Kinnear believes that UK digital health has many reasons to be cheerful at the moment – and suppliers that take the right approach to sharing information and working together are central to making the most of this opportunity. After over 25 years in the business, Andy Kinnear is one of […]

Future proofing our nation’s health requires ‘black box thinking’

Ensuring failure becomes an opportunity to learn and improve, will define Jeremy Hunt’s legacy as health secretary, argues Michael Thick, chief medical officer and chief clinical information officer of IMS MAXIMS. Jeremy Hunt’s announcement last week on ways to improve the learning culture within the NHS and in turn minimise clinical mistakes, prompted me to […]

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