One of the best-known and most experienced figures in healthcare IT, Jeremy plays an invaluable role as an industry advisor to Highland Marketing. As past chairman of the Intellect (now TechUK) Healthcare group, representing over 260 suppliers, former European Director for Oracle Corporation Healthcare, and NED of Image Analysis, he is an invaluable source of insights into current and future trends. A former clinician, Jeremy has a deep understanding of the market from the customer’s point of view. He also recognises that suppliers can only succeed in today’s market through effective communications and marketing.

“Highland Marketing has ambition and style. We share a view that, in a highly competitive market, success demands presence. So whether it is a new company, or an existing one, it‘s essential to use marketing and communications to make customers aware of what you offer and the benefits that technology can deliver.”
A little about Jeremy:
  • He has campaigned for the greater use of computers to allow self-care and more community-based services for patients with long-term and chronic conditions.
  • In 2004-05 he had the honour of being the 744th mayor of New Sarum – better known to most of us as Salisbury.
  • Jeremy is a keen advocate of pervasive computing and co-authored an academic paper entitled ‘Towards Disposable Technology for Healthcare – A Paradigm Shift in Remote Wireless Monitoring’ with Professor Toumazou, Professor Steven K Smith and Dr Keith Errey.

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